When people think about the concept of chartering an aircraft for either business or pleasure, the most common perception is that it’s an unattainable luxury that is exclusively reserved for the rich and famous. They immediately assume that it is unaffordable and out of their league. However, this couldn’t be further from the truth. As business owners and leisure travelers alike are becoming more educated on the options that are available to them, private aircraft charters are rapidly gaining ground on the airline industry. Considering that 80 percent of private chartered flights are under two hours, there are now many aircraft choices that can be matched to the needs and budget of the paying customer.

Chartered business flights can save an average of 127 minutes when compared to standard commercial air travel.

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Because the mainstream media tends to portray and group aviation into a larger jet category, customers are pleasantly surprised to learn that there are many choices of aircraft available to them. With the introduction of the new generation of lighter, smaller jets, along with tried and true turbo prop aircraft, the costs have come down for shorter distance flights.

There are many reasons why the private charter segment is rapidly growing and being utilized by a wider audience. The primary benefits are privacy, efficiency, and convenience. Instead of having to drive, park, and get through the headaches of TSA to fly commercially, the charter customer enjoys the freedom to custom tailor their travel requirements to fit their specific needs.

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Upon entering through a private terminal, guests are treated with the highest level of service and attention to detail. Once onboard the aircraft, they can efficiently conduct business, enjoy custom catered meals, and engage in private conversations.

After landing, guests are greeted by professional ground service personal and are picked up plane-side, thus eliminating the hassles of traditional air travel. Guests enjoy a stress-free experience and arrive feeling fresh and ready for work or play.

Statistics show that chartered business flights can save an average of 127 minutes when compared to standard commercial air travel. Money is actually saved by eliminating lengthy check in times and the flexibility to return as required. This is a great benefit to companies with high paid executives who command large salaries.

These exciting features and benefits combined with continued customer education are increasing the demand for private aircraft charters. This in return is creating more flight options and changing the way we travel. The next time you need to plan a business trip consider booking your flight with a charter company.

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Additional Key Benefits

  • Custom cuisine to satisfy your personal diet requirements and cravings
  • Land closer to your destination
  • Avoid lengthy layovers
  • Bring your pets along
  • Select your aircraft and crew needs
  • Personalized and dedicated concierge services
  • Leave whenever you like
  • The aircraft is only occupied by you and your guests
  • Private entry and luxurious lounges and terminals
  • Skip the long security and baggage lines
  • Arrive minutes before departure
  • Travel to remote destinations
  • An ideal travel option for sick or elderly passengers
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