One of the biggest misconceptions that many first-time visitors have before visiting the state of Arizona is that there isn’t anything to do in the area. They have visions of encountering nothing more than desolate desert landscapes, rattle snakes, and cactus.

Fast forward to their first Sedona experience. Upon arriving they are completely taken aback and pleasantly surprised to find that all their previous thoughts were way off the mark. They become instant fans of the serene red rock beauty, gorgeous resorts, and some of the finest cuisine in the country.

Sedona has all the amenities to help you accomplish your goals for work, play, or a combined bleisure experience.

Sedona is a top Arizona destination that is located near the mountainous area of Flagstaff, which is surrounded by gorgeous canyon walls, red-rock buttes, and lush pine forests. The area enjoys a mild climate and is filled with unique shops, spas, resort getaways, and one of a kind hiking trails.

Getting to Sedona is an experience all its own and will set an amazing tone for your stay. Whether you choose to drive through the scenic red rock highway or the fly into the Sedona airport you are in for a one of a kind visual treat.

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